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Bella’s Litter born 5/28/2014

| July 15, 2014

Bella is due at the end of May 2014

| May 11, 2014

Bella is is due at the end of May, just a few more weeks left and the puppies will be here! Maggie should come into season around the end of June or July and will have a litter this fall. Weimaraner Puppies

Silver Female Weimaraner pup for sale

| December 11, 2012

Sale Pending Sold We have a new litter of Weimaraners puppies that were born 10/11/2012. We have one silver female available and are asking $600.00 for the pup. The pups will have their tails and dewclaws docked and have their first set of short and worming. The Sire is Blue and dual registered with AKC […]

Brown Collar Male Weimaraner

| October 27, 2012

Updated pictures of the Brown Collar solid blue male Weimaraner. He weighed 4 LBS 5 OZ today and is growing fast. We have a deposit on him now (10/30/2012), if you are interested in giving this little guy a new home  please contact me. If you would like to put a deposit on him we […]

Red Collar Female Weimaraner

| October 27, 2012

Updated pictures of the Red Collar female Weimaraner. She weighed 4 LBS 0 OZ today and is growing fast. She has a deposit on her.

Puppies are here

| October 11, 2012

Bella had 4 blue males, 1 silver male, and 2 silver females. I will get some better pictures this weekend.

End of day 63

| October 9, 2012

Poor girl can’t get much bigger. Keep a eye on the web cam it won’t be long and the babies will be here

ScoJo’s Steel Blue Magnolia (Maggie)

| May 20, 2012

Meet the newest member of the dog pack ScoJo’s Steel Blue Magnolia (Maggie). Maggie comes from Dunkirk, Ohio from a loving family, she is fitting in great here.

Whelping Box

| April 8, 2012

I got Bella’s whelping box built this weekend. The box is built out of 2 x 12 four foot square, it has a pig rail around the inside made out of 2 x 4 so the pups won’t be smashed against the sides. The top wire pen pulls right off for easy cleaning and will […]

Puppies on the way

| April 4, 2012

It’s official Bella has puppies on the way! We had Bella at the vets today and they confirmed with a ultrasound that she is pregnant. She weighs 60 lbs and everything looks good. She is 30 days along and should give birth the first week in May.